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Monday, December 18, 2017

Dear Friends:

When I turn to God for an answer, protection, deliverance, etc., it continues to amaze me that He never responds to my petitions as I expect Him to. It is always a  surprise to me how He communicates to me His truth, His words of comfort and He sends the encouragement I need. 

God speaks to me when it pleases Him, unexpectedly and through people or events I would never have suspected.  That’s part of the adventure and romance of my intimacy with Him.  I can trust Him to hear me, respond to me, bless me and protect me—-but it’s alway a bit of a new “dance” that He teaches me.

I am ever learning, also, that His purposes do not always mean I will experience“success” in the common ways man imagines success.  I might have my mind set on how He must deliver me or justify me actions or my well-intended attempts before my brothers and sisters, but He comes and produces something far more far-reaching and incredible than I even dreamt.

When He does intercede,  nothing He says, through His servants or means of super natural revelation is unknown or unheard to me; it’s always something He is showing me that I have forgotten.  I am guilty  of spiritual amnesia and need to be shaken back to reality—-His reality—-on a regular basis.

Behind every rebuke, and even inside each unkind comment made against me, I am learning to see His hand and I find myself saying, “Speak Lord Jesus”.   It is never through the kindness of others or the compliments of my friends that I seek the higher ground, spiritually speaking; it is because of attacks or judgments on my motives or being chided for my imperfect attempts in Christian endeavors that I am called to take an inventory on where I am versus where I should be.

I often see the photos of popular Christian authors on the covers of their books with wide grins, confident, smug smiles—-some with arms crossed in apparent gesture of confidence in their relationship with God.  But for the life of me I cannot imagine such a cover on the epistles of Paul, John, Peter or James—-were they to be published today!   If I am to honor Him, I must be forgotten, and Jesus Christ exalted.  He allows the reprimands of people (some total strangers) and quite humbling events, to keep me near the foot of the cross and my head out of the clouds.




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