Falling into temptation

Dear Friends:

When Christ was about to be betrayed and face torture and execution He took the disciples to a olive grove and asked them to pray for Him.  Two times He warned them to pray that they not "fall into temptation".  I never noticed till today that He said this twice.  Obviously Christ said things for a purpose---He did not waste words or say things just to be heard.

"Pray that you do not fall into temptation".  All day I have wondered what He meant by that. I was reminded that He taught His disciples to pray,"....lead us not into temptation". In the prayer of Jabez, he requests that God "protect him from evil".

It seems clear that there is an obvious and omni-present danger to "fall" or "stumble" as believers.  Regardless of how close we are to Christ (no men have ever been closer than the eleven Jesus was speaking to) there is a danger---perhaps even more profound the closer we are to Him--to FALL into temptation. This does not mean that we pray to never be tempted---that would mean we would not be alive!  But to FALL into temptation seems to suggest that we are not looking we were are going and fall into a hole or canyon. 

Jesus was saying, perhaps, keep your eyes open gentlemen.  We stumble because we are not paying attention to where we are, where we are going, what is our journey and who we travel with.  "Falling" implies a lack of focus and getting too comfortable with our surroundings. I've been told that the ones that are most likely to get hurt with a tractor are not the novices, but the professionals. The pros get too used to it, don't pay attention and end up injured or dead.

The danger for those of us that know Him is that we begin to think to highly of our own holiness and forget how easily---how VERY EASILY--we can fall flat on our faces! When God redeems us He does place us on a shelf as a trophy to be looked at, He uses us for His work in a world that is fill of challenges, temptations and "pitfalls".  I need to pray daily that I not "fall into temptation" by losing my focus and a sober reminder of what I am without Him



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