Enemy territory



May 8, 2107

Dear friends:


It occurs to me that the challenges I face in my family and in my ministry at The Vineyard are not the external  obstacles of government, laws, marketing or finances, etc; but the internal challenges of maintaining peace, harmony and a shared sense of purpose among our leaders here. When I think about the opportunities this camp has, this year, for the cause of Christ, world wide , I become soberly aware that we are ‘invading”  the enemy’s territory.  Certainly we can expect attack.


That might sound fanciful, but just as Christ believed in demons and the devil, and just as Paul warned us that our fight was not against flesh and blood but “spiritual principalities”, so I too believe that it is the darkness we must not only fight but protect ourselves against!


If the men and women that lead this camp are truly  together in one mind this summer, young lives will  be re-directed, challenged, reborn and restored—-and that is not  what the enemy wants. It seems that the most effective means of stopping the work of God in the lives of our leaders here is to create discord, distrust, jealousy and lukewarm enthusiasm for the gifts, talents and opportunities that He is giving us!  He (Satan) wants us to argue and fight among ourselves.


Please pray that the leaders of our ministry and my own family might not be seduced into believing the devil’s lies and that we might confront our own errors and short-comings before pointing out the flaws in others.  Join me in praying that we might esteem each other as being superior, in some regards, to our selves.  Ask God to give us each the grace to put up  with each other and thus shut up  the enemy’s taunts and attempts to dissolve us.


There are no perfect families, congregations, parishes, or Christian camps.  But there might be a small camp in the foothills of North Carolina that becomes a real burden and worry for the devils of perdition in a few weeks.   I hope that our men and women can choose to cast off petty complaints about eahc other and  focus on the prize and purpose of this camp: Jesus Christ, and Him exalted.



Dean Barley


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