Dogs, cats and a pig....


Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Dear Friends:


We have at the camp many pets: a pot belly pig, ducks, cats (and her kittens) and of course our dachshunds (Jude and Biscuit), Maggie (the mixed breed), and Kalah, the wolf.  Some folks are cat lovers, others dog lovers; but let me tell you what draws me so close to my the dogs and the wolf:


1. They are faithful. If I fail to feed the cats, they will find someone else. My dogs and the wolf prefer my words of praise for them over food. I doubt that anything could cause them to abandon me for another master.


2. They forgive me.  I might be gone for a night or a month, but when I come home the dogs and Kalah are all about celebrating the return of Dean!  (Of to be the man that my dogs and wolf think that I am!)


3. They seem to know when I need some attention—-when I am “down”—when I need a friend.  The black dachshund (Biscuit) and the wolf (Kalah) truly seem to enjoy being with me and appear to catch my mood and disposition.


God reveals Himself two ways: Supernaturally: As in the divine incarnation of His Son, Jesus Christ;  Naturally: As in nature, human interactions and particularly with animals. The bible is full of Christ’s parables of foxes, doves, goats, lamb and so forth.  To me each of my pets are sermons from God—I just have to take the time to allow God to speak to me through their behavior.  


Part of “seeking” God’s Kingdom is to be ever on the lookout for things in the natural order and supernatural order that reveal a poignant truth about God.


Friends, God is faithful, He is forgiving and He knows when I need to be encouraged.  God speaks to me through all things bright and beautiful—-but I have to be listening.





dean  barley,

Dean Barley

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