Does my life cause others to wonder?

May 9, 2107

Dear friends: 

I was reading today in the gospel of John of events that occurred right after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and just before the passover was celebrated in Jerusalem. Christ was at a home visiting some friends and crowds of people were pressing in trying to see Jesus and Lazarus that Christ raised from the dead.   The following verses tell us that the Pharisees wanted to kill Jesus and Lazarus, because many were following now following Jesus because of Lazarus’ resurrection.


Lazarus had nothing to do with what Jesus had done for him—that is, brought him from the dead four days after he was buried. But because Jesus had performed a miracle in Lazarus’ life, Lazarus was as much of a problem to these Pharisees as Jesus! Every time people saw Lazarus it was a reminder that Jesus was the Messiah—the Son of God who had power over the grave!


Am I threat to those who want to stamp out Christianity as well? Has the resurrected life in me caused others to put their faith in Jesus? Do people see how I have suffered and then how He  has rescued and restored me,  and do they then determine that they want a Savior like that also?  Or am I so concerned about my personal comfort, reputation, standing in the community and personal gain that my display of the living Christ is muted, faded and of no concern to those who deny Christ?


When the Holy Spirit filled Paul, Peter, James and John they became threats to the forces of evil and the kingdom of Satan!  When Lazarus was raised from the dead he became a marked man! He was the embodiment of what Jesus can do!  May the same be said of me one day!  May my reborn and reformed life reflect something different, miraculous, outstanding, extraordinary and not of this world and may people who oppose Christ hate me because of it.  


In a real way I suppose I need to wonder why I am not more opposed and why I am not under more attack. It would seem that an easy life is a sure sign that I my life does not represent the resurrected Christ very convincingly.




Dean Barley

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