Divine Encounters Around the World

Our camp director Dean has begun his recruiting travels once again. He is now in France working to recruit campers, International Apprentices, Leaders In Training, Summer Staff, Interns, and Volunteers for Summer 2017! We at The Vineyard Camp are always very excited when his journeys begin because it is like Christmas for us ~ a season of “great anticipation” to see who and what will come our way in the coming year!
In typical Dean Barley fashion, his travels are always interesting, adventurous and allow him to find and create “connections” with new people from all over the world. It’s a total GOD thing where you can truly see that God’s hands are totally over every aspect of the running of our camp, Dean’s travels, and the friends that he meets along the way. Read Dean’s first letter to our team to learn more about how God works to create world-class connections for us. God truly is the spirit, soul, mind, and life of the world. To him, all thanks be given during this season of thanksgiving!

Nancy Malone

Dear Staff Members, Board Members, LLC Partners, et al:

I am sending you this email from France and realize that a “blog” might be more efficient, but I don’t know what a “blog” is (to be honest) or how to create one.
So let me simply send emails daily until one of the smarter ones that receive this email can teach me about a blog. 😉
Anyway, 20 hours after I left the camp I arrived at my hotel. I took a short stop in Iceland, then to Paris and then to Lille. I have a meeting tonight and each night for the next 18 days. It is lonely here since Greg is no longer helping me or living at the camp, but I am at peace that our camp will be blessed if we hold to a high standard all that live and work here. Greg will return one day a humbler, wiser and more grateful young man.
Please pray for the meetings I have each evening and the ensuing interviews with parents, campers and staff. The media here hate Mr. Trump and all my friends are asking me for my opinion. Please pray for wisdom!

An event happened Thursdaythat was encouraging. I was at the AirFrance Club at the Logan Airport (Boston) because of my American Airline status. An older couple in front of me was denied entry because of some small technicality. They left the club somewhat dejected (they had a long layover) but when I got to the counter I asked the attendant if I could invite them as my guests. She said that I could invite TWO guests each time I came to a club. So I ran down the hallway and invited them back. They were very grateful, came back to the club and sat next to me for three hours.
Okay, here’s where the veil is removed and it is clear that God’s hand was upon us: They were both going to Iceland (my destination) and had just returned from Florida after two weeks at their second home which is 20 minutes from my home in Florida! Although they are from Iceland, the gentleman attended Stetson University (where I did my undergraduate work)!
They talked about the election and were VERY PRO TRUMP. That was strange. The more we talked the more I realized we were quite similar. I found out that HE is a pastor of the largest church in Iceland, is good friends with the pastor (Joel) at Northland Church in Orlando (the folks at camp this past Thanksgiving are from Northland!) and he wants to send his grand-daughters and youth from his church to the camp this coming summer! I would not be at all surprised if he asks me to come there to present the camp to the youth. Who would like to come with me?
Isn’t God good?

Dean Barley

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  • Angela Jenkins

    Great message of God’s provision, every step of the way! ❤️

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