Discipline for our good



Thursday, September 28, 2017


Dear Friends:


The author of Hebrews wrote about “discipline” and how it always seem unpleasant at the time, but “produces a harvest of righteousness”.  The author also points out that God disciplines the believe because He loves him/her and that the discipline is always for our good.


Clearly the recipients of this letter were undergoing some discipline. God was preparing them for something—He was allowing some hardships or sending some unusual challenges for the purpose of righteousness.  I don’t always understand why God does things like this, but He does.


My “right-living” will not come about by being pampered and spoiled and elevated like a trophy on a shelf. Instead, righteousness is the result of being strained, bruised and poured out.   So if this is how God gets us to a higher level of living; if this is the manner in which man is brought from being common to being holy: why then is discipline in our society so frowned upon?


It seems that my “right” to do whatever I want, whenever I want, to whomever I want, is  more to be desired and protected, than my call to be holy and set apart for Him.   But the Christian was not redeemed to exercise his rights, but rather to surrender those rights, lay down his ambitions and submit to the leadership of Jesus Christ—-and that always, always, involves discipline—-i.e. being required to do, or endure, or accept things that we would rather avoid.


How is he disciplining me now?  With constant changes to my schedules, spontaneous requirements for me to break with my routine and seeming wasted time doing menial tasks!  But right now that’s how He is preparing me—-somehow——to be of greater use to Him later.  He knows what He is doing even if I am bewildered at times.





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