Delighting in rules???

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dear Friends:

When the Psalmist says that he “delights” in God’s law, I used to wonder how in the world anyone would get happiness from rules and regulations! As a younger man I felt the need to challenge the rules, from time to time, and question the wisdom of those older than me.

But of course it’s not man’s law that David was talking about when he spoke of “laws” . It was God’s law.  And I have come to understand the delight that comes in knowing God’s law and the benefit that obeying it brings to my own life.  I am learning, reciting, remembering and reflecting on God’s law does not lead me to see  just how rotten, off the path and derelict I am; but instead I see His law as an operators manual for a precision made piece of equipment.  This fine piece of equipment, of course, is mankind—-or more specifically me.   God tells me in His Holy Word how this finely tuned machine works best and most effeciently, as well as what will foul up the engine and cause it to sputter and fail.

And as I read and re-read His word, I realize more and more that it is true. His direction for caring for this machine—-my soul and body—is absolutely correct.  All the short cuts I have attempted have caused my life to be less effective, controlled, maintained and properly operated.  God’s Word is meant to bring me to a place of “delight” because I begin to exist and thrive as the creature  (“machine”) He intended.

I suppose this is why I crave His Word more each morning, it seems. It’s the “gasoline” that my soul pants for.  It provides the checks, maintenance and occasional “overhauls” that my soul desperately needs.   And so as I see His Word more as His manual for living the abundant life, the more I desire to remember it, abide by it and live it.

The pity, of course, is to see so many human “machines” that have been ruined because they lacked a qualified mechanic——i.e. Jesus Christ—to open their hearts and minds to the truth contained within the owner’s manual.  

Please pray that this camp leads more to the Master Mechanic and His manual.






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