Dark days

Dear Friends:
This is one of the nights I really don’t feel like writing this little letter.  But they say in weight training that the days you don’t want to work-out are the most important and most effective days.  That might be pure canard, but I guess it makes sense.
Today was one of those days that I was not “happy” or excited or pumped and ready to take on a Goliath. Nothing seemed to turn out right, I was disappointed in several things I attempted to convey and establish.  How frail a man is! He can be on top of the world one day and in the “miry pit” the next.  
If I could be anyone in the Bible it would have been Solomon——-hands down!  Beautiful women (hundreds!) wisdom, wealth, respect, power, prestige, and no problems while he rules and lived! What a fantasy life!  But if I identified with anyone in the Bible it would be David—a man that knew sorrow, heartbrokenness, disappointment, failure and personal strife.  His own son tried to kill him and yet he would have happily given his own life for the same boy—Absalom.   In all of his troubles, David loved God, and yet he was a scoundrel at times!  He danced before God and then fell into despair and sorrow.  He was not perfect, but he loved and was loved.
Christians don’t seem to want to talk much about the dark days that often haunt some of us.  It’s not that we are regenerated but that shadows sometime overwhelm us and we’re simply wondering when will the darkness be lifted and when will things be made right.  
Well, the kingdom of God is obviously not for spiritual cry-babies, and I don’t want to be one of those whiners that are never satisfied or the kind of a man that pulls others down or away from God, but the attack does come and it’s not always easy to over-come and never pleasant. Some things only time heals.
Dean Barley

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