Saturday, October 14, 2017


Dear Friends:


When Jesus was told that His good friend Lazarus was ill, Jesus was fully aware that it was a severe illness,  yet the still He took two full days to leave and begin the two day walk back to the home of  Lazarus. By the time He got there Lazarus had died and had been in the grave for three days.


What strike me most humbly, is how Jesus responded to a crisis (Lazarus was dying) and how I respond to a crisis. I have a long way to go in my walk with Jesus.


First, Jesus did not get frantic, or upset or lose His self-control—-He never did—-and never does even now.  He also simply never let Himself get caught up in a frantic attempt to solve the problem or “take control of the situation”.  He took His time; He finished His tasks; later He addressed Lazarus sickness (by that time death).  Excited, hurried, fearful actions never seem to be in the narrative of men and women properly connected to God. The inner peace and reliance upon God’s sovereignty dispels any need for rushing or losing their heads!


Second, it was not about the calamity of Lazarus being at death’s door that was primary to Jesus, but rather God being glorified  in the midst of the calamity. The crisis was “necessary” for God to be glorified, for Jesus’ power of death to be manifested, and for billions of future people to have a concrete example of how God can take an absolutely heart-breaking event and turn it up-side down!  What if the crisis you or I are going through would one day inspire millions or even billions by the manner in which we calmly trust Him?


But what if Jesus had done what Martha and Mary begged for and He had rushed back and cured Lazarus of his disease?  This narrative would have been lost and we probably would never have heard much about Lazarus!  

Can you imagine the testimony of Lazarus?!  He suffered, died, was buried and then was brought back to life !  A precursor to the same thing that would soon happen to His Savior.   It would be a profoundly difficult thing to deny the reality of Jesus in you lived in Lazarus neighborhood! Here’s living, breathing, walking evidence of the Son of God’s power over death!


Crises in our lives are God’s gift to not only enrich our capacity to exercise trust, but far more importantly it is His opportunity to bring others unto Him as they witness His miraculous intervention in our lives and how He preserves us.  Friends: Are we walking testimonies to what God can do?  Is my church—your church— an epistle of God’s miracle?









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