Committing what we do to God

Dear Friends:
We continue to see good results from the follow up emails and calls to our friends in France. Each morning I find two or three new emails from families I did not meet in France that heard about my presentations and want to register.  
One of our resident staff, Gene Inman, commented that when I do not travel (as with last year after the fire) the camper enrollment suffers.  It does make a difference for a USA representative of the camp to travel to the home countries of our campers.  This requires, of course, trips to France, Italy, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Kenya and the newer markets of places like China, South Korea, Argentina, etc. It’s the personal stress of being gone from the office, the pets, my friends and neighbors here and the construction of this new house that I have to fight.  It simply has to be done and so I do it. I was talking to Sally yesterday about how those of us in ministries like this or in business  for ourselves just have to “make things happen” sometimes regardless of if we enjoy it or not. It’s a thing we learn as children if we have good parenting. Life is not always fun and sometimes we have to do some boring or mundane tasks.  I suppose that this is what I see lacking so much today with adolescence. There is almost a demand to be entertained and stimulated and a revulsion of doing chores or studies that don’t excite the senses.
Somehow we need to remind youth that the joy comes from completing the task, doing things excellently, and committing what we do to God.  Pray with me that all parts of our camp will provide a witness to youth about excellence and doing a thing well.
Dean Barley

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