Christ is my Rock

Dear friends:

Oh the days… when you do your best to offend no one, to keep your promises, to be kind, to be go the extra mile and to give no cause for anyone to be unkind to you. Those days, the days I work the hardest to be godly and Christlike are the very days I have the most attacks thrown back at me. The harder I try to live as HE lived, the more energy I put into loving people, the greater the time I invest in helping someone that does not even care for me, the more I feel like there is a concentrated attack on every word, action or suggestion I come up with.

I don’t like these days—days like today. But then as I consider my attempts at “good living” and living the life Jesus lived, it’s obvious that Christ suffered far more than I do when He did good things. He was constantly insulted, challenged, laughed at, ridiculed and accused of being a false prophet and servant of Satan—all because He did good things! I am nowhere near the man Jesus was on this earth, of course, but He plainly taught that if we chose to follow Him we would encounter the same slander, meanness, misrepresentation, and insult. The real question might be why I am not being attacked more often than I am if I am really following Him! If I am a disciple of Jesus, it is a certainty that I will be unpopular and the target of attempts to discredit me — Jesus assured us of this.

So if my choice is to follow Him I must also be prepared to fight the good fight and not succumb to self-pity or the desire to run and hide.

Jesus understands my dismay and frustration better than anyone else. He has been here and experienced precisely what I am going through! Praise God! He understands and is able to intervene, protect, redeem, restore, and elevate me despite the attempts of the enemy to bring me down.

“On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand” takes on new meaning when I have days like today. And praise God for reminding me that all of this is temporal.

Dean Barley

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  • Mir Mohammad Ali Khan

    Nice to read it !

    Mir Mohammad Ali Khan

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