"Can't Fight Crazy"

Dear Friends:
I was reading today about Saul’s attempt to kill David, a man that was a faithful friend and servant of King Saul. But as you know, Saul was jealous of David (“Saul has killed his thousands and David his tens of thousands”) and Saul was frankly crazy.  Saul’s behavior made no sense at all and David and not even Saul’s son could reason with Saul.  Even though Saul realized he was out of God’s will he determined to destroy God’s chosen leader, David.  Crazy people do things like that.  They hurt and destroy and create havoc for no good reason.
There’s an old saying that you “can’t fight crazy”.   I  come across people that appear “crazy” at times, and I am not saying that I don’t do some crazy things as well, from time to time. But in ministry and in a business, such as we have here, I am learning to let go of my desire to heal “crazy” people and crazy things and not attempt to personally save them. It’s a real temptation and distraction to want to bring sanity to an insane situation, but sometimes it’s just better to be quiet and smile I am finding. He’s called me to love the normal and love the crazy at the same and leave the healing to God.  I suppose that few people that are crazy really know it, but seeing what is “sane” and “insane” side-by-side reminds me that we are not yet living in the eternal Kingdom of God but a crazy place called “Earth”.
We’re surrounded by people who deny God, who ignore moral law and who seemingly exist (and thrive?) without a conscience.  What to do?  Mark Twain said that you should, Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
Dean Barley

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