Calling on Egypt for help



Monday, October 9, 2017


Dear Friends:


I was reading today about God telling the prophet Isaiah that He would pull His hand away from (stop blessing/protecting) Israel because they had sought help and deliverance from Egypt, and not God Almighty.   More than one of the prophets makes the same point, and some the prophets actually confronted the kings of Judah and Israel —imperiling their own lives—to rebuke them for signing alliances with pagan kingdoms rather that seeking and trusting the arm of God.


It’s so easy to condemn the ancient kings and not look at “the log” in my own eye.  As I read these passages, I asked myself, “Have I looked to an “Egypt” for deliverance and blessing and not God?” Was there someone or something I was trusting for my protection and sustenance over the One who has loved me, redeemed me and called me His own?  


Yes there is. It is true. I am not any better than the short-sighted kings of the Israelites. I have made alliances and signed treaties that I should never have agreed to.  I have trusted in my own wits, imagination, energy and intuition over and against the hand of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!


How? The list could go on and on, but the greatest “king” I have turned to, rather than God, is my own self!  At other times I have, at times, decided that if I work hard enough, long enough and stubbornly enough, I will get what I want.  I have also determined that when times are difficult and God does not move fast enough to satisfy my urgency, to turn people into my personal “Egypts”——i.e. my secondary source of protection. 


In short, I have used people, as well as my own strengths and talents to serve as “Plan B”, should God not be able to handle my needs and the desires of my heart in a “timely manner”.


I am still learning the need to re-learn total abandonment and dependency upon Him and “un-learn” adult thinking when things look difficult or even hopeless.   It is when I am the weakest, the most vulnerable and the surest to fall that He is the most present, visible and persuasive in my life.


Have thine own way Lord.









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