Busy Sunday...same as Monday!

Dear Friends:
Again I did not send a blog yesterday—Sunday. Too much going on seven days a week right now. Actually, I am not complaining, the last thing I want is to have nothing to do during the holidays.  
I began the day yesterday (6:30 am) talking to a grandmother in Kenya about registering four grandchildren for two weeks each and then an email from China confirming three or four LITs for four weeks each. Later in the afternoon, two moms in Bolivia confirmed meetings in their homes for two meetings in February and later still a sponsor in Barranquilla, Colombia requested a “deal” for a school to send us 5 to 10 campers for three or four weeks this summer.  Sundays are as busy as Mondays.
Today my meetings began at 9:00 in Winston-Salem with the largest church in the area. They want to look at the idea of using our camp for the summer and retreats. This could be wonderful for us, of course.
The more I plan my days, the more I find I can complete and the more I push myself the more I find that I am reaching my goals. I used to create “to do” lists each day, somewhat ad hoc, but for the past several years I have been creating daily agendas broken down into six minute blocks.  It’s amazing how it has helped me dispense with wasted time, but I also find that I can become more easily annoyed when someone upsets my schedule! It seems  that on the one hand God rewards me for planning and executing  but also wants to remind me that He, not my efforts, is the source of allowing my plans to succeed.  
I do wonder how some folks just “work” with no agenda or plan or goal for the day.  Something within me is always reminding me that “time is short, you only have one life to live, don’t waste a minute”…..
Dean Barley

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