Blind no more



May 6, 2107

Dear friends:


The New Testament tells of a young man that was born blind and was healed by Jesus. This miracle never occurred in the history of Israel until then. There is no recording of a blind person’s sight being healed until Jesus came.  There were cases of leprosy being healed on the Old Testament and even the dead being restored to life, but the blind being able to see never happened till now.


The religious leaders were simply unwilling to believe the obvious. They denied what was clearly an incredible miracle because to acknowledge that this really happened would have caused them to admit that Jesus was obviously (at the very least) a “prophet”.  And to do that would have upset their entire apple cart of their religious organization. So they made idiots of themselves, in front of the crowds of on-lookers, by arguing over “who” really did the healing and if the man was truly blind in the first place (of course everyone in the crowd knew he was!).


These were the spiritual leaders of the Jews: So why were they so blind?  Would you not expect these scholars and clerics to be far more enlightened and in touch with God after reading and reading the books of the prophets and the Torah?  Christ explained that the problem was that these men had become “religious” externally, but were full of pride and conceit internally.  Being religious does not mean that you in love with God or that you follow His Son.  Memorizing bible verses might make me appear very devout, but the Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees memorized the entire Old Testament and were, according to Jesus, more fit for hell than those that knew nothing of the Old Testament!  Knowledge puffs up….love builds up.


What God wants from me is not “religious devotion” to an idea or a creed, but my devotion to the Son of God.  These folks were committed to the Torah and the books of prophecy, but not to the One that inspired the same books!  Am I a loyal fanatic to the bible, or to the One of whom it speaks?  Am I dedicated to a church/denomination, or the Groom of the true church?  Am I in love with my idea of who I want Jesus Christ to be, or who He really is?


Jesus has a habit of upsetting tables in our temples and turning seeing through the external into the heart of the matter. 

Change my heart God to see you as you are and to become as you intended me to become. Remove my denial to of truth and give me the courage to see the miraculous.



Dean Barley


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