Bless will bless my work--not my excuses

June 27, 2107

Dear Friends:

I Chronicles 4:10 “Bless me indeed……”

This man of honor, Jabez, boldly asked God to not only bless him, but “bless me indeed”, i.e, a lot!

Is it wrong to ask God to help me—a lot?  Or  to shower me with all the good things He has for those that He loves—-a lot?  Or to fill me up to overflowing?  Obviously, it’s okay and quite acceptable to God.

It’s one thing to ask God to make our lives pleasant, or easy, or luxurious, or care-free.  But Jabez was not asking for this—-and neither should we.  He was asking that God bless his efforts, prayers, work, attempts and sweat!   God did not bless Noah with an ark—-He blessed Noah’s work to build that ark.

Neither did God cause the temple of Solomon to rise out of nothing; but He blessed the artisans and craftsmen to create a temple that we cannot imagine today.  God did not bring people of other nations to believe in Jesus Christ just because godly folks prayed in Jerusalem; but He did bless the toil, suffering and determination of Paul to allow the gospel to overtake the Roman Empire and shake the gates of hell!

No, God is not going to bless my laziness or my dreams as I lay upon my bed, but God will bless me as I put my hand to the plow and get about His work. It’s incredible what we can accomplish, for His glory and His Kingdom, when we shrug off our lazy excuses and believe in Him and decide that He is able to do far more than we can imagine if we dedicate our efforts to Him and trust that He will bless us!

But we have to get out of our beds and put our hands to the plow. God does not bless inaction  or lazy excuses.


dean   barley

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