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Dear Friends:
During the time I devoted to God this morning it occurred to me that if I don’t spend time in the word, inspirational books and  prayer in the morning, before my work begins, I never am able to catch up with that special time later. I am reminded of the nominal Christian who commented that he could worship God just as good on the golf course as he could in church, and was then asked, “but do you worship God on the golf course?" I know of a few followers of Christ that choose to read the Bible and pray at night, and while I am not one to judge or suggest that they are in inferior spiritually, I cannot think of a single example of any saint, living or in church history, that did not seek Him early in the morning.
If our destiny is to be conformed to the image and character of Jesus, there’s no getting away from the fact that He rose early and sought God earnestly alone and in the morning before the others with Him were even awake!  The best that I can offer God is my morning—-before breakfast or staff meetings or my long list of “things to do” takes hold of my day.  If I give Him my best He gives me the time, energy and drive to get everything else done as well. But if I give Him my spare time or what’s leftover at the end of the day, I am poorer the entire day because of it.
Today I received a call from a dear friend and again found myself pushed to get on to the next meeting and cut the call short. But as I listened to her share her concerns and challenges, I realized how foolish I was to consider that getting my “to do list” was more important than merely listening to His daughter speak from her heart of her pain, hopes, dreams and challenges. God is more than able to address my needs (and my feeble goals and objectives!) if I am focused on giving my all to being attentive to the needs of His sons and daughters that He sends to call, email and visit me.   
By beginning my day focused upon Him I can prepare myself for what happens once I walk out my door.  Pity the man or woman that leaves home unprepared for the attacks and distractions that await him or her!
I now realize that no matter how urgent the tasks tomorrow, how busy my day, how early my flight or meeting, If I dedicate the first of the day to Him I am blessed and protected throughout the day.
Dean Barley

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  • Bill Mills

    Dean, your blogs are an inspiration to me. I am challenged to spend my early hours each day in His word.

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