As we forgive others.....

June 13, 2107

Dear Friends:

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those that sin against us”.


Few remarks of Jesus seem to be glossed over or ignored as much as the last phrase in this prayer… “as we forgive those who sin against us”.


Our forgiveness is based upon the blood of Jesus—not our own merits, or our attempts to make up for our mistakes or even or acknowledgment that have sinned.  It’s all about Jesus and God’s mercy—based upon Christ’s death for our sins.


This is very important to understand: God did not forgive us because He is simply kind and good natured. He forgave us because His Son paid the penalty for our sin.


But in more than one place, Jesus is very, very direct about the absolute DEMAND that we, in turn, are merciful and forgiving towards others that hurt, wound or offend us in light of what He has done. In fact, in one parable the forgiveness is nullified if the one that was forgiven of much did not forgive others of small matters.


But try for a moment to imagine this:


1. God can bless you FAR MORE than you can bless Him or any of the children He has placed in your path.  Imagine the good way you treat others magnified and increased exponentially  by God!  That’s what we are told that He has done and will do for us.


2. God can forgive you of FAR more mistakes, broken promises, lies, and just plain mean things you have done and will do than anyone could ever do to you. But, if He forgives you He demands that you forgive others—-every time they offend you.


He also takes about “forgiving from the heart”, that means, I think, you give it up, you don’t hold a grudge, you forget about it.


Our human history is littered with the catastrophic results of men that could not let go and forgive.  Imagine how happy our homes, our camp, our churches, our nation and our world would be if we forgave others as He has forgiven us.


How do you want God to forgive you? For all your sins, or just part?  And what about God reminding  you of your sins? Would you like Him to forgive you but constantly bring up your sins and mistakes whenever you started to begin a new adventure?  


“Forgive us as we forgive others”.  I, for one, plan on forgiving and letting go of grudges or attempting to keep score. 


Do not let the attacks and hurts and offenses of others hold you back from enjoying the FULL MEASURE of being forgiven by God! LET GO of the anger or fear or resentment you have for someone else and see how God fills you with unspeakable joy, peace and His unfettered love! 


But we have to forgive or we will not enjoy abundant living.




Dean Barley


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