Answered Prayers

Dear Friends:
I began my meetings today at 10:00 am and by 11:30 am  I had made my goal for the day!  I still had another meeting at 3:00 pm in Paris and signed up two more campers for two weeks each. It’s a lot of returning phone calls and emails on meetings like this, and more than anything else it is meeting with the moms and dads to reassure them that we will take good care of their children. Some IAPs and LITs might be difficult at camp, but rest assured that the parents consider the difficult child to be their gift from God-very precious and irreplaceable.
Tonight is my last night in Versailles and, oddly enough, I will be alone for dinner. Frankly that’s okay some nights. I can use the time to answer more emails and follow up with some earlier presentations.  
I am still surprised that except for one elderly socialist, every person I have talked with is secretly happy that Donald Trump won and that the USA is “feared” again!  It is strange, but people here are convinced that in world events, it’s better for the “bad guys” to be afraid of you than to like you. Of course these folks had their country—-and continent—destroyed two times in the great world wars.
Even as I am writing the letter I am receiving other emails from parents that want to register their children. We are being blessed each day. I have no doubt that your prayers are effecting my efforts here.  Please keep praying. Of nearly 350 requests for placements, thus far (!) we only have a little over 100 places confirmed with deposits or in-coming wires next week. A lot more work to be done when I get home with follow up. And then, of course, our focus is upon Bolivia, Mexico and Colombia.
God bless you all for standing and praying with me.

Dean Barley

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