Am I Bearing Good Fruit?

Dear friends:

I was thinking this morning about the story of Jesus going to the fig tree when he was entering Jerusalem. You might recall that when He came to the tree it was bare — it had no fruit. The problem was the Jesus was hungry and the tree was barren. He was not happy with the tree, cursed it, and it withered. Why was this event recorded? Obviously there’s something that God wants me to learn from that narrative.

I’ve read somewhere that when Christ came to the tree it was not the proper season for figs — the season had not arrived yet. But if that’s correct it made no difference to Jesus. He expected fruit to be present and punished the tree for not having figs. The tree did not satisfy Jesus by producing something He was expecting. So what is He also expecting from me?? Am I satisfying Jesus?? Wherever He has me planted, am I producing the things in my life that are pleasing to Him and what He requires?

The “fruit” of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Does Jesus see this in my life when He comes to me? And how does He come to me when seeking the fruit? He came to me today, I think, in the guise of two children at my home for dinner, and with three friends around a table talking about things important to us. Earlier in the day He came as a mailman, and then as the lady at the BP station, and subsequently as check out clerk at Food Lion, then as two teenagers that came to tour the camp and apply to be summer staff, and throughout the day He came in the form of the 34 emails I answered today…

But did I bear good fruit! DID I display love, joy, peace, and the other fruits when Christ came today? Or is my life in Christ withering because I am not abiding in Him and bearing fruit through His Spirit?

Dean Barley

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