Allergies and antibiotics

May 3, 2107

Dear friends:

Yesterday I was hit with the annual influx of pollen, dust and lady bugs that come to the mountains this time of year. (It’s a bit embarrassing, but I am allergic to the latter).  The result of all these things in the air cause me to become wheezy,  congested, had suffer from headaches. I feel weak and in general did not feel like doing much at all.  I am amazed at how easily and quickly my body can sink and my energy be sapped with things as small as lady bugs or as microscopic as pollen!  But I am truly undone physically at least two times a year during the spring and fall.

It’s startling how frail my body really is. Small insects, pollen, dust, etc can cause me to be in bed or (in the case of a single lady bug) even take away my life!  I once read that the moment we are born all things around us begin the process of trying to destroy us (disease, microbes, bacteria, etc).   It’s truly  a fight to keep alive!  Were it not for caring parents no infant could survive.  We were created by God with a dependence upon others!

As I watch my own body respond and react to  allergens, bugs and the viruses that try to take me to an early grave,  I am reminded that the same struggle holds true in the spiritual realm.  As soon as I identified my life with Jesus Christ, all those things from darkness and hell tried to prevent me from growing and being established in my faith. Do we preach  this enough from our pulpits? Those that follow Christ will surely encounter spiritual “viruses” and attacks that purpose to destroy us.  In truth the enemy (Satan) is far wise and craftier than I will ever be!  He tries to destoy and devour—-that is his aim. The moment I chose to follow Christ I became his arch enemy! He will do all he can to discredit, discourage and destroy me.  And as frail as I am, he will succeed unless I maintain a relationship with my spiritual antibiotics—the Holy Spirit.  It is HIS Spirit that is able to give me the power (“dunamis” in Greek) to overcome the attacks and not give up.

It’s a mistake to assume that you will never get sick, never be under spiritual attack, never suffer from an allergic reaction to bugs or pollen or a new temptation from the deceiver.  But thanks be to God for good parents and a heavenly Father that provides protection.

I wonder if someone reading this blog right now is being challenged and attacked.  He is able to protect us from the temptations and attacks of the enemy. But we have to seek His Hand.



Dean Barley


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