A Pity

Dear Friends:
At the end of one the gospels Jesus had just “reinstated” Peter as the leader of the disciples and described how Peter would one day be led away, against his will, to his own death.
Peter motioned towards John, and said, “What about him?”  Christ reminded Peter that Jesus’ plans for John had nothing to do with Peter, i.e. “Look after your own walk and work Peter and stop worrying about John’s walk and work”.
I suppose that many of us are like Peter. We’re always looking at the circumstances of others, comparing it to our own circumstances, and wondering if we’re get less than we deserve. I can unequivocally attest that I am NOT getting less than I deserve!  And I praise God that I do NOT get what I deserve. I have been receiving His grace for 60 years—-not justice or what is fair or what  I deserve.  I thank God that He has given me far more than I could hope for, dream of or ever hope to attain on my own merits!  But sometime people like Peter and I forget this—-and we whine.
The single most insidious, dangerous, spiritual-life threatening sin is not sexual depravity or greed or even violence—it’s self-pity. In my opinion nothing destroys a person’s potential,  hope for personal triumphs and pursuit of spiritual growth like self -pity. When we go around feeling sorry for ourselves and we blame others, or events, or things God has permitted or withheld from us as the cause for our shallow,  unfulfilled life.  It’s an endless existence of pointing to events in our childhood, or college or our first job, or to an ex-spouse, etc for being the real reason why we did not “succeed”.  What a waste and a pity to go through this adventure on earth nursing what we have determined were undeserved wounds and slights in our life.  How sad that so many people allow the errors of others in their lives to dictate a life of mediocrity rather than allowing Him to heal them and give them the unlimited power of the Holy Spirit to overcome ever obstacle life throws in their paths.
God holds us accountable for the good things He has given us and how we allow the bad things to push us into His arms… or into a pity party.  I prefer His arms. 

Dean Barley
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