A Good Sign

Dear Friends:
I am touched by your prayers and I am witnessing the result. It is so heartening to know that people who know me and my heart are also taking time to pray for me. Thank you.
Scott Collins and Spencer Santiago both sent me a link to a video, and whereas I simply don’t have the time to watch every video or read every article folks send to me, this time I did look at it—-it’s only 8 minutes and when I get the same suggestion in two days it must be a powerful video. Please watch this for yourself and let me know what you think: https://youtu.be/RwX_EpNR4CA
I left today from Lille via train to Paris and from there to Versailles. The train is cheap over here but I prefer Uber—-a great way to get around!  But the train
was €8 and Uber was €40.  Anyway, I moved into the new hotel and have at least one meeting each day until Sunday. Then I return to Lille for meetings each night
till Wednesday, then I return to Versailles for four more days, then back to Lille (!) and then to the CDG airport, Iceland and home. It’s been less than a week
and I am ready to go home.
Over here the students are incredibly focused on school work, exams, and their careers. In my opinion too much work and not enough play. The students tell
me that they study and attend classes 14 hours per day —-and I can see it in the hurried lives they live. There’s no time for much of anything in France if you 
are a teenager or college age student except for the holidays—-and they therefore love the holidays.
I am embarrassed at how idle and “lazy” our teens are in the USA by comparison. Yes, some are very studious  and busy, but I know of at least one very talented
and intelligent high school student that wastes hours and hours doing absolutely nothing but playing video games and filling his time with things that have nothing to do with getting educated and ahead in life.  There’s got to be a better balance for our teenagers.
Here’s my schedule for next few days. Note: This is twice as many meetings as I had last year. A good sign.
November 25 Gilles Motte gilles.motte@gmail.com Lille 7:00 pm
November 26 College Marcq Lille 1:00 pm
November 27 Eric Honore beatricehonoreflb@gmail.com Lille 6:00 pm
November 28 Mme. Tiberghien familletib@tiberghien.fr Lille 8:00 pm
November 29 OPEN Lille
November 30 OPEN Lille
December 1 Caroline DeDinechin cdedinechin@hotmail.com Versailles 8:00 pm
December 2 Armand Lefebre Versailles 7:00 pm
December 3 Louis DeGrotte Versailles 7:00 pm
December 4 Valerie Plamont valerie.plamont@gmail.com Lille 4:00 pm
December 4 Amelie Trentesaux Lille 7:00 pm
December 5 Mme Hladky anne-christine.hladky@isen.fr Lille 6:30 pm 
December 6 Eric Honore beatricehonoreflb@gmail.com Lille 8:00 pm
December 7 Amaury Briolay jpbriolay@icloud.com Versailles 8:00 pm
December 8 Florence Favatier Favatierfamily@orange.fr Versailles 8:45 pm
December 9 Tricoire family njtricoire@gmail.com Versailles 8:00 pm
December 10 Mme Outter florenceoutters@yahoo.fr Versaille 5:30 pm
December 11 Mme Deffis domdeffis@gmail.com Paris 5:30 pm
December 12 Nathalie Fontain nfontaine1@orange.fr Lille 7:00 pm
Dean Barley

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